#BlackLove Recap

I was asked a few months ago by my good friend Laurane Simon to be a guest speaker along with my hubby (Mr. Black Bean Burger lol you had to be there) at her #BlackLove South Florida event. We were honored for the opportunity to share our unique experience as newlyweds. The event was held... Continue Reading →

Can Ambition Become A Sin?

I have always been surrounded by hustlers. Not drug dealers LOL but people who knew how to work for what they had. Take my father for example (Bishop Victor T. Curry). He is literally one of the hardest working people I know. He has always either been in school, pastoring two churches at the same... Continue Reading →


I walked into 2018 thirsty! No literally I remember as the clock struck 12, I was praying and thinking, Man Im thirsty. I guess being in church for 3 hours would do that. After I got something to drink I realized that not only was I thirsty naturally but spiritually as well.  We have been... Continue Reading →

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