Being Successful Does’t Matter!

What if I told you that being successful should no longer be your focus? 

What if I told you that God never created you to be successful? 

What if I told you success was the tactic the devil uses to keep Christians STUCK? 

Child of God your SUCCESS means NOTHING to GOD. God is not concerned with how SUCCESSFUL you are. He is concerned about how SIGNIFICANT you are. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! 

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I know, I just LOST about a dozen of you. How dare I say God is not concerned about my success? 

Hear me out before you mumble a bad word under you breath CHILD OF GOD! LOL 

Success is a stepping stone to significance!- John Maxwell

What is success? Most people assume success is when you reach the point in your life where you have everything you’ve always wanted. The house, cars, spouse, children, promotion, etc. Trust me there is nothing wrong with that. I have a few on my prayer list as we speak. However that success is futile and only adds value to yourself. I just believe that true success is when you can add value to someone else (significance). 

What really is the point of having all of the lavish things in life and die and no one have anything significant to say about you. God has been dealing with me heavily on my mindset concerning success. 

I just always thought that a certain amount of money in my bank account and a house, spouse and kids was all I needed. I assumed God would want His child to have these things. All I really needed to do was work hard, obtain these things for myself and family and I will get my mansion in heaven. Right? WRONG! 

However after losing friends, family and almost losing my own life I stopped and asked myself, what will they say about you Victoria? Would they say how well I dressed, or how well I kept my daughter looking, would they mention the many trips I took or the lavish birthday parties I had? 

I couldn’t shake the thought of a bunch of people gathering to say goodbye for the last time and all they had to mention was how well I looked. WHAT SIGNIFICANCE HAD I MADE WHILE I WAS HERE? 

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The word significance means to have influence or to have an effect on others. 

Who do you influence? Who have you influenced? 

Who have you effected with your life, your words, your love, your generosity, your thoughtfulness, your smile, your faith, your courage, and your strength?

See, when we pursue SIGNIFICANCE we are instantly taken out of our COMFORT ZONE! Because significance is SELFLESS while success is SELFISH! When you are a child of God it is your DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to be SIGNIFICANT. Whether that is with your family, co-workers, friends, community, region, or state. You have an obligation to effect them with the Love of Christ. You have an obligation to show them hope, faith and joy! 

John Maxwell said it best when he described the 5 differences between SUCCESS AND SIGNIFICANCE. 

  1. MOTIVES– With success, motives are selfish; with significance,  motives cannot be selfish. Significance and selfishness are incompatible. Selfish people seldom find significance. 

  2. INFLUENCE– With success, my influence is limited; with significance, my influence is unlimited. 

  3.  TIME– Success can last a lifetime; significance can last several lifetimes. People who desire significance value time. They evaluate what they do with their time, and they invest their time wisely. 

  4. FOCUS- Success asks, “How can I add value to myself?” Significance asks, “How can I add value to others?” 

  5. REWARD- If I pursue success, my joy is the result of my success; if I pursue significance, my joy is the result of others’ success. 


Today I challenge you to take a moment and evaluate the way you view and chase down SUCCESS in your own life as I had to do this year. I challenge you to shift the way you pursue wealth. I challenge you to shift the way you go about getting the promotion. I challenge you to look at how you wait on your spouse. I challenge you to move past the SELFISH STATE OF SUCCESS TO THE SELFLESS STATE OF SIGNIFICANCE. 





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