Do you really love God?

We say we love God all the time. While we are singing a worship song in the car we may belt out an I Love You, I Love You, I Love You Lord todayyyyyyy 😂

I know I am not the only one who be jamming in the car.

Today while I was talking to a friend I realized that many of us say we love God, but when God gives us an assignment that requires us to leave our comfort zone our love for Him dwindles.

Have you ever had a moment with God and He is ministering to your soul and you yell out, “LORD USE ME!”. Then God starts to use you and you begin to retract your plea during worship.

Why is it that in that moment when God begins to stretch, prod, push, pull all of our affinities and niceties towards our gracious Heavenly Father gets thrown out the window and our minds and thoughts begin to be fueled by frustration and annoyance???

I remember recently after a beautiful sacred moment in worship I surrendered my will for His and told Him I wanted to be used by Him. Days later I found myself in situations that made me feel uncomfortable and I immediately got upset. I felt like God was forcing me to do something and be something I in my mind wasn’t ready to do and be.

In that moment of pure annoyance God convicted me and said “Victoria, STOP acting like I am making you do my will. STOP acting like I’m forcing you through life to do my will. YOU told me that you were ready to be used. You told me you loved me and you told me you were surrendering all. Now, if you don’t want to do my will, DON’T! If you do want to do My will than I want your WILLINGNESS to OBEY, I will do the rest!”

I was like DANGGGGGGG God! I guess you told me!

It was in that moment that I needed to get out of my own way. It is a privilege to do the will of the Father and my love for Him should not be predicated on just Him making me feel safe all of the time.

I love God and am willing to do His will because He loves me even when I know I am really hard to love. I love God because He has been a really good Father, provider and protector. His faithful and how He keeps my family makes me love Him. The fact that He is not slack concerning His promises for me FUELS me to love Him better. He deserves my very best and He deserves my comfort and my will. Not my will but thy will be done.

So my question for you today is, Do you see yourself in this blog post today? Do you find yourself challenged with the consistency of your Love for God? Have you backed away from your words of surrender when God began to push, prod, and develop you?

Love you!

Victoria Hicks

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