#BlackLove Recap

I was asked a few months ago by my good friend Laurane Simon to be a guest speaker along with my hubby (Mr. Black Bean Burger lol you had to be there) at her #BlackLove South Florida event.

We were honored for the opportunity to share our unique experience as newlyweds.

The event was held at the beautifully black owned Soulfully Good Restaurant and Lounge in Miramar, FL. It was a standing room only type of event and had a panel full of experts. Stephan Labossiere a licensed relationship expert, John Momplasier a social media influencer and preacher, BJ and Mia Dailey who have been married for 21 years (our relationship mentors) and us The Hicks aka The Newlyweds #MakingHickstory.

The event was hosted by the funny and smart Nykeah Cohen who brought such a great energy to a much needed conversation.

The conversation began and quickly tackled the alarming statistics of the decline of marriage in the African- American community. We discussed the peculiar interaction between black men and black women. Do black men value black women? And do black Women support black men?

We talked about the independent woman (alpha female) and how her strength might intimidate men. We shared our views on women submitting to their husbands after being single for a long time. A challenge I had as a single mother.

We answered anonymous questions from the audience and shared the importance of healing in the African American community.

John and I walked away honored to have been able to join the conversation and hopefully inspire those in the room to celebrate #BLACKLOVE

After tonight’s event I know more than ever that singles need this information. I encourage every single person to join me Monday February 12th at 8:30 pm as I share the 5 Things I Had To Do Before Love Found Me Webinar!


Also 3 years ago before I was married I took a leap and signed up for The Online Singles Conference hosted by Jamal and Natasha Miller. This conference literally changed my life and helped me to follow through with the things I needed to do to get VICTORIA together!

I encourage every single person to sign up below



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