I walked into 2018 thirsty! No literally I remember as the clock struck 12, I was praying and thinking, Man Im thirsty. I guess being in church for 3 hours would do that. After I got something to drink I realized that not only was I thirsty naturally but spiritually as well. 

We have been in 2018 for 21 days and all I have been thinking about is my relationship with God. I desire more than ever to please Him. I long to be in His presence. I AM THIRSTY! This year like never before I desire to experience God. I dont just want an encounter every few months but I long to bask in His presence daily. I want more of His love, peace, joy, favor, anointing, glory, and power. I want to see more MIRACLES, SIGNS and WONDERS. 


I took some time to study Psalm 107: 9 which reads For He satisfieth the longing soul , and filleth the hungry soul with goodness. I instantly got excited that God will satisfy this thirst that I feel. 

The word satisfy kept popping up in my mind so I had to look up its definition. It means to fulfill a desire or need. I believe that God is in the satisfying business. He wants to fill us up. 

Psalm 107:9 tells us that God wants to fill us. He wants to fill the “longing soul”. The longing soul means when an animal is running up and down in search for food or water. Similar to the way I felt in the middle of prayer looking around for something to drink. LOL 

I believe I am not the only one who desires more of God. I can’t be the only person who desires more of His favor, blessings, opportunities, etc. What good news it is to know that he is ABLE and WILLING to satisfy our longing and thirst. I believe God is looking for  a “hungry and thirsty”  person to satisfy. 

When you look at Psalm 107:9 not only is God willing to satisfy us but He satisfies us with “goodness”. Goodness in this text is spiritual rather than material. I believe that when you have spiritual goodness it will produce material goodness. When I have God’s favor I am able to get the promotion that comes with the pay raise. 

Luke 1: 53 says He filled the hungry with good things but has sent the “rich” away empty. 

In other words: In order to experience SATISFACTION in every area of my life I have to be THIRSTY! Gone are the days when all we ask God for is MONEY, HOUSES, CARS AND SPOUSES. My THIRST in this season goes beyond the material possessions God can give me. I simple want more of HIM!

“Gone are the days when all we ask God for is MONEY, HOUSES, CARS AND SPOUSES.”- Victoria Hicks


I want more than just His money, I want His goodness, His love, His favor, His peace, His power, His anointing. I want HIM! 

I encourage you to move past just wanting more of God’s hand and want more of His face. I promise you His face will cause His hands to pour out blessings you wont have room enough to receive, after all we are LIVING UNDER AN OPEN HEAVEN! *takes off and runs around my bedroom*

So not only am I believing God for a new house but I am believing God for a powerful prayer life, miracles for my family members, peace in the word and in my community, and joy in my heart. 

So as you finish reading my post. Ask yourself,  ARE YOU THIRSTY? 


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