If you define the word “lunchtime” you will discover that it means a period set aside for eating lunch… Well I pray that this space will be a period of time that you will take to be ENCOURAGED, ENLIGHTENED, and EDUCATED to be a better you as I am trying to be a better ME!

I am so excited about what God is going to do with this space where everything about this blog is REAL and INSPIRED by my relationship with God!

Since this is LUNCH TIME WITH VICKY, I plan to share with you what comes first in my life THE APPETIZER: My relationship with God. However God leads me I plan to share personal Bible Study times, prayers, devotionals, etc. I will also be sharing what comes second in my life THE ENTREE: My life as a wife, mother, educator and loyal friend. I plan to share with you my experiences as a new wife with a blended family, being a single mother for 9 years and now raising a pre-teen., to my life as a teacher and my wonderful yet complicated friendships. And finally I plan to share with you THE DESSERT: My hobbies: books, traveling, fashion inspiration, and music. I love to read and have about 100 books in my Amazon cart waiting for me to purchase. Traveling is something I also enjoy and hope to do more of in the near future. I love clothes there is no secret but more than just clothes but I love setting trends and dressing my CURVES! Music is how I unwind and how I get ready; it outlines my day. it fuels me and its how I connected with my husband.

I cant wait to hear from you. Please share with me what you are expecting from this blog and future post topics. Let’s build a community of love, respect, and hope!

Love Victoria,


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